This cusrtomer’s pond is at the main entrance of their home. There is a small water feature on the left of the walkway with the main 6000 gallon koi pond on the right.


Filtration installed under the deck. One Koi Toilet 3″ Bottom Drain feeds a 275 gallon “Tote” settlement tank, which in turn feeds a “High Desert” 100 gallon Fluid Bed Filter. The skimmer circuit is a lg Savio Skimmer with 50 watt UV. Both the outlet of the BD/Fluid Bed and Skimmer feed an Evolution ESS 9600 pump which discharges 4 ways. 2000 gph goes to the water feature on the left of the walk. 3000 gph feeds the two “High Desert” 100 gallon Sand/Gravel Filters which feed two TPRs. And the remaining 4 to 5000 gph feeds the main creek/water fall.

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Settling tank, then fluid bed filter, then Evolution ESS 9600 pump

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High Desert 100 gallon Sand/Gravel Filters

The Finished Pond

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This is what greets you as you come to the main entrance

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The water feature/lily pond on the left

5 1

The main Koi Pond on the right

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