Somewhere around 14,000 gallons. Liner in a plywood ring. Pretty basic filtration, one 4″ bottom drain feeding a 500 gallon Vortex feeding two gravity flow Lava Rock Bio Filters feeding an Evolution ES 4500 pump then to the center waterfall and/or TPRs.

The Skimmer circuit starts with the lg Savio Skimmer with two 50 watt Savio UV’s then an Evolution ES 5500 pump feeding the large waterfall by the house.

This pond has no fish, but is dedicated to water lily’s.

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Our own version of Duke University’s famous “Zig Zag” bridge

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Pur main waterfall powered by an Evolution ES 5500 pump

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Looking at the pond from the waterfall

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One of our Lily’s

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Filtration, 500 gallon Vortex from 4″ Koi Toilet Bottom Drain feeding two Lava Rock Bio Filters.

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Gaurdians of the pond, Sophie and Whiskey

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