The circulation pump is the heart of your pond system.    It is expected to run continuously day after day supplying your pond with oxygen rich clean water.  Just any old pump will not work here.  Koi Pond pumps are designed to deliver high volumes of water at very low operating costs and our Evolution line of pumps are some of the most efficient pumps on the market.  In many cases drawing a hundred watts less than competitive pumps.  


We do not offer ON-Line ordering because many times the pump you think you need is not the correct one for your application. PLEASE, call us to discuss your needs so we can help you choose the most efficient pump that best suits your needs.   

Evolution Pumps, By Advantage
ES Series,

Evolution ES series pumps featuring the new EVO series motors are one of the most energy efficiant, quietest pumps made. Complete with 2″ unions a,d a 15 foot power cord. The perfect choice for the descerning pond hobbiest.


Evolution ESS Self Priming Series


Evolution ESBB Large Application Series


Priming Pot/Strainer Baskets

2 Inch Waterway


Evolution ES Series $99.95

3 Inch Waterway


This is used for the 8500 series pumps


“Please stand by for new improved models”
Call for current specs and pricing