Kenzen Food

Koi Food

Over four years in the making

49% Protein, 9% Fat, 9% Ash

Kenzen Koi Food is made from the highest quality ingredients.  Formulated to help koi reach their maximum potential, Kenzen nutrition promotes: a healthy immune system, bone growth, and muscle mass.  Koi utilize the fat and starch content to fuel their metabolic needs.  This allows the protein content to be utilized for growth and muscle structure.  There are no wheat, rice, grains, glutens, plant proteins or other fillers in Kenzen Koi Food.

NOTE Over the years I have tried every food made, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
And I have never fed any other food that produced the results that Kenzen does.
Exceptional Growth with very little wast.

Give a bag a try, you won’t be dissipointed!


10 lb bag $75.00

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Debride Medicated Food

Koi Food

Debride RX Medicated Koi Food is a triple antibiotic medicated food that fish will actually eat.

If you are not comfortable injecting your fish or can not locate antibiotics, or simply can not catch your fish, then Debride RX can help. Now you can give that ulcer problem the 1 – 2 punch!

Debride RX has been improved. It now has BIFURAN in the formula. Bifuran is a mix of Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone.   Debride RX now has five active ingredients.

Debride RX is a sinking food.

When used in conjunction with Debride Medicated Ointment fish really heal quickly. “Available in a 2 pound jug (6/case) and a 5 pound jug (4/case).”

New lower prices for 2008. Now cheaper than Medi-Koi in all sizes.

2 lb. jar $27.50 , 5 lb. jar $52.00

Rangen Koi Food

Koi Food

One of the best all around Koi Foods made. Made by Rangen, one of the biggest commercial fish farm food manacactures in America.

1/8th oe 3/16th floating pellet

25 lbs only $79.95


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