Bottom Drains

We offer two models of 4 inch bottom drains, non aerated and aerated.  The Bottom Drain is what draws water and waste from the bottom of your pond to your filtration.  A properly designed bottom drain will prevent a vertical vortex from happening, and draw water from the sides, sweeping the bottom of the pond clean.  The aerated version also add a column of air from an air diffuser that rises to the surface, creating an opposite down flow of water adding to the bottom sweeping process and helping to saturate the pond water with oxygen.

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Bottom Drains
  • Sweep bottom design to eliminate trapping debris.
  • Full 4″ height over horizontal discharge pipe.
  • 1″ Air supply connection at the bottom through center column.
  • Screws are fully embedded in large and strong screw pockets.
  • Threaded center column for easy disassemble and maintenance.
  • Wide and thick flange for better liner grip.
  • Slanted air dome and high quality air diffuser with internal check valve function.


4 inch , $229.95

3 inch, $199.95

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Bottom Drains
Bottom Drains
  • Made of heavy duty injection molded ABS.
  • Thick flange and liner ring for better liner grip.
  • Flare design for smooth flow.
  • Excellent for liner and concrete installation.



Also available with screen instead of dome


Aqua Art Retro Drain

Bottom Drains

Easily installs on top of the liner

Can be used with 2, 3, or 4 inch pipe

Low Profile, 16″ wide by 6″ high

Full 360 degree sweep


Dream Ponds 3″ Retro Drain with Air Diffuser

Bottom Drains



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