Welcome to High Desert Koi Ponds, designers of state of the art Koi Ponds. Not just a pretty water feature, but a beautiful looking pond that will enhance any landscape, and also dedicated to the health and well being of your koi.

Steve Joneli has been involved in fish most of his life, 1st as a hobbyist, and for the last 30 years as a professional. Steve opened Aqua Craft in the early 1980’s in WA. State, one of the 1st and foremost Salt Water Living Reef stores on the west coast. Specializing in custom built Salt Water “Living Reef’ systems.

His love for all types of fish brought him to Koi and his 1st Koi Pond in the 80s. He has been designing Koi Ponds ever since, 1st as a hobbyist and now for happy customers all across America. Specializing in design and filtration. Putting together all the mechanics of a good design that will function properly with the least amount of work by the owner.

You will notice we don’t picture every product, by every manufacturer, but only the products we use in our ponds and customers ponds.

Products we have proven over the years to be of good value. But please, if you want an item not pictured ask, even though it’s not pictured we can get it for you.

And lastly, you will not find “On Line Ordering” here. We want to talk to our customers, to help them choose what is really right for them, not what they think they may need. Many times saving them money and giving them a better design.

So please, for any questions or to place an order just give us a call.